Self Pity Illustration


While I’ve been working on my classes and exams, I’ve started a new project. I now can create illustrated poems.


Once Upon a Time

There once was a girl.

Her imagination soared far,

higher than the sky.

She loved to write,

and the world was full of new ideas.

She could see them floating around.


There once was a girl.

She adored art,

even though she wasn’t very good.

She drew things and found support,

but laughed when people looked.

The things she drew never looked quite as good.


There once was a girl.

A girl who learned that life was hard,

and that the creativity she loved was unique.

She learned that she needed to buy things,

and had to figure out what else she was good at.

Sometimes she wished her creativity made money.


There once was a young woman.

Who tried her best to balance,

but often felt cast down.

The characters tried to comfort her,

they popped up all over the place.

She always loved seeing them.


There once was a young woman.

She tried to be an artist.

Her gift was painting with words,

creating images for others to envision.

But images don’t pay bills-

Writers don’t get paid much.


There once was a young woman.

Her dream was to help other people,

and she went to school to do that.

Her writing went on hold,

waiting for a higher priority

and maybe some money.


There once was a young woman.

She decided to write,

and still do the job she dreamed of.

The world didn’t seem to like that.

She grew older and older,

and less time was allowed her for her art.


There once was a young woman.

Slowly, she was learning that people liked her art.

She still didn’t make money,

but people supported her.

And that made a difference.

She still wrote.


There once was a young woman.

She knew that others liked her writing.

She knew that her words could say things,

things other people struggle with.

She chose to write, to spread her art.

And she will fight so she can write forever.