Just because you have “white privilege”

doesn’t mean you can ignore it.

I have it.

I have it in spades.

I don’t have all the privileges-

I’m still borderline poor.

I’m still female.

I’m still a very young person who is not (always) traditionally smart.

I can even throw my innocence and kind-hearted nature in there.

And worse than that-

I have a something.

Something that seems to protect me-

all those things(especially the ones about women)?

The catcalls, the leers, the overly sexualized comments?

I never experience them.

I also never get flipped off, cursed at, sold drugs,

I have no idea why.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it-

I know its a privilege.

And I see its effect on those who don’t have it.

I can realize that I have it.

That does not invalidate my struggles.

I can still struggle- I do.

But I have a few advantages.

And I can acknowledge I do.

So there is no excuse.

There is nothing you can say.

You have privileges.

You probably don’t even notice them now.

So start looking for those things-

the nod from that cop,

the job you aren’t quite qualified for.

The lack of suspicion.

Those are privileges.

Realize them.

Understand them.

Accept that you have them and others don’t.

The first step in fixing a problem is addressing it.

Once we do, then change can happen.

And it starts with you,

and your white privilege.


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