The First Time

The first time you told me

I didn’t know what to think

“How could this be?

Someone so bright and beautiful?

How could anyone try to break this?

Why would anyone try to break you?”


As time went on, I saw.

I saw the effects of him.

Each him that caused you pain.

And I boiled inside.

I won’t be violent-

I won’t hate.

But I hate them.

For what they did to you.


But you are so much better-

do you know that?

You shine brightly,

so brightly I feel shadowed.

You are wonderful and kind-

they didn’t take that from you.

You are amazing, strong and resilient,

you inspire me.


Others try to hurt you.

They prey on the weakness that they see.

I don’t see weakness.

I see pain-

but pain isn’t weak.

Pain is strong.


Every day you live,

every day you love,

you become stronger.

Your pain, your struggle,

I see strength within your heart.


You’ve struggled, and you’ve almost gone.

You told me that.

But I want you to know-

You are strong.

You are beautiful.

You are worth loving.

You are worth living for.


And as for me?

I will protect you.

I will strive to tell you that you are valued.

I will fight those who tell you otherwise.

If nothing else you know,

know this.

Someone loves you.

There is always someone who loves you.

And sometimes, that person is me.


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