I want to sit with someone who sees me;

Someone who watches where I go.

Over food, (the great mediator) I want to ask,

what person am I? When I come in,

what do you see?

Am I a person of light,

casting out the doubts of life?

Or am I dark, swallowing people in my path?

Is my aura dark grey, mysterious, strange?

Or is it rainbow, purple, or blue?

Do I make a difference to others?

To you?

Am I a blink in time? Am I a bang?

What should I do to be significant,

to be seen?

Am I invisible, walking through life-

shadow walking in and out of fate?

Do I want to be seen, to be noticed?

Or do I want quiet existence?

I like to think I make a difference.

That my difference is clear-

that I am unique.

I like to say I make a change, that we all make a change.

But sometimes I see no ripples

from the stones I throw.

The difference could be so big that I cannot see it.

It could be so small my senses fail.

That’s why someone else can say,

“You make a difference. You matter.

You are significant.”

The perspective only an outsider knows

on the meaning of my life.


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