Mortal Life

This was a prompt that I took and made a thing from. I don’t plan on continuing it, but it was a lot of fun to write! Be warned though, it is rather short. 


“Why aren’t you worshipping me mortal?” The god looked down upon the girl at his feet. She was nothing interesting, just a mere mortal who had wandered into his temple. She wasn’t even attractive, just average. One of her eyes was squinted, looking around in confusion. Confusion or curiosity, he never could keep the two separate. In the mind of a god, there is too much for mere semantics. What he did understand, or rather what he both understood but couldn’t, was why this girl was not bowing before him.

“Not interested, thanks.” Lilly looked around her with slight interest, choosing to be less than enthralled. Her heart was pounding and she could feel adrenaline rushing through her bones. She was minding her own business this morning, when she had cut herself on a kitchen knife. As the pain shot through her hand, she swore and grabbed the paper towels by the sink. The cut was deep, dripping blood on the necklace she took off when cooking. The blood glowed. After a moment of utter confusion, the room around her became to room she now sat in. It was a temple, full of ancient moth-chewed tapestry and tarnished silver. To top it all off, a man had appeared out of nowhere to yell at her in a voice that echoed and annoyed. Lilly was done.

The god was annoyed. “Not interested…” He had never encountered such disrespect- not when he was the god of death. People feared him, people respected him. This waif of a girl was nothing to him. No matter. She would be on her way to the afterlife without even a thought. A glowing began to swirl around his arms, building into a pointed light. The waif in front of him looked surprised and almost scared when the light hit her. The god grinned, and then frowned as the light dissipated. She was completely unharmed, and now was looking rather angry.

“What was that?! Were you trying to kill me??” Lilly was very angry now, the anger overriding the fear from moments ago. Some instinct deep in her gut told her that the light was supposed to kill her. For some reason, it hadn’t. In her anger, she clenched her fists. The man in front of her groaned and knelt to the floor. Her eyes widened and she tightened her fist. The man writhed in pain until she released her fists. Lilly’s eyes opened wide as she stared at her hands. The man in front of her looked confused and terrified all at once.

“What kind of being are you? No one has power over death. No one!” The god lunged at her. She tightened her fists again and he groaned as the tightening in his gut forced him to his knees. Somehow this waif had control over him, over his godly essence itself. This was unacceptable. The god of death was a being beyond mortal control. A flash of light around the neck of the girl caught his eye. When the pain stopped, he leaned forward and looked at the shiny silver necklace. His eyes widened as he recognized the symbol of binding, created by the people who worshiped him eons ago.

“You have a seal of binding?” Lilly narrowed her eyes as he asked incredulously.
“This is a family heirloom, thanks for asking… Wait, how did it get back around my neck?! It wasn’t there when I cut myself…” Lilly paled. This was far more than she had bargained for when her grandmother had given her the charm. It had come with a warning, that the necklace could command forces beyond the understanding of mortals. The blathering of a granny, nothing to pay attention to. But this glowing man had a look of shock and fear on his face.

The god of death sighed. “You have a seal of binding and you don’t know what it even is. Pitiful. The power to command the gods and it is wasted on a waif who cannot understand its power.” She stiffened at the word waif, but held her tongue. “The seal was created to hold the gods accountable, given to families of mages with the understanding that they would not abuse the power. Two of them exist now, and one of those two is around your neck.” The waif reached up to the silver dangle and rubbed it. A peculiar pulling feeling resonated in his stomach. This waif had the power of death in the palm of her hand. There was no way he was about to allow her to keep that power.


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