She Was Dark

She was dark.

People didn’t believe him when he told them that.

“How could someone who looks like her be dark?”

He had heard all of the excuses.

“She is innocent, she is kind, there is no darkness she could have.”

No matter how many times he told them, they would not listen. They didn’t see the glint of steel beneath the eyes of forget-me-not blue. They didn’t see the thirst for blood beneath the rosy pink lips. They told him he was wrong.

He told them that the most beautiful things in nature were often the most dangerous.

She moved on dancers limbs, with grace like a butterfly and she fooled them all.

All but him.

He saw. He saw the knives hiding in her fingers, the skill in her legs. She walked like a dancer, like a boxer, like a master of martial arts. She was danger incarnate.

And they didn’t listen.

He was pretty sure that they wouldn’t believe him, even if they caught her with a bleeding heart in her hand.

She was “too innocent”.

“Woman are made of pain- they exist to cause men pain.”

A teacher had told him that.

Her teacher.

Even now, as her breath caught in her throat and her face twisted in fear, she was dark.

She was dark because of what lurked behind her eyelids, behind her face.

Not that he was any better.

Darkness knows darkness.

He knew her.

Only because of the darkness within himself was he able to see it in her.

However, his darkness was on the outside. Anyone could see that he was dark. It didn’t make him more or less dangerous, just more visible.

She was invisible.

And she was drawn to him.

Like a moth to a flame, she saw beauty in the darkness and the danger and she wanted it.

She wanted it.

She wanted him.

But she was dangerous, just like him.

She hid her darkness beneath a mask of delicacy and beauty.

He didn’t hide.

They were destined for this; destined to be the end of the other.

He would die before he let her darkness consume.

She would kill him.

He knew it.

She would rip out his heart, still beating, and hold it aloft.

She would quench her bloodthirsty heart, but it wouldn’t be enough.

It would never be enough.

It was his job to stop her.

It was his job to kill her.

They would be the death of the other.

He couldn’t stop it.

He didn’t want to.

She saw the beauty in his darkness.

He saw the darkness in her beauty.

They were made for each other.


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