Frozen Bubbles

What is a bubble?

A floating ball of air,

an ethereal circle of lights and glimmers,

round and bright and beautiful,

like a butterfly that lands

soft and gentle on flowers and hands,

full of life that only a bubble has,

defined by its temporality,

beautiful and fleeting,

the world prepared to destroy it,

but only after giving it life


But what happens when the bubble is frozen?

A ball, opaque in rainbows,

frosty and beautiful, but no longer airborne;

stuck on the ground.

Its temporality suspended,

life allowed to continue

through coldest winter days-

sitting on the ground in glorious color.

Is it still a bubble if it can’t fly?

Is it defined by an action, an ability?

Is it itself, beautiful in temporary life?

Does it become less of itself by being preserved?


Or is it just a bubble?


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